Tubing Bender & Fab Technical Index

Bookmark this page! This is where you learn all about tubing benders, and get 100% free access to online tools, calculators, tables of data, design insights, examples, and fabrication instructions. Learn how to bend tube, notch pipe, weld fit joints, fixture assemblies, and more. This resource is still being developed in 2020. If you are new to this, we recommend reading these in order, from top to bottom (most table data you can just skim over and know that it is available when needed for reference).  

All About Tubing and Pipe Benders

Start here! We will help you learn everything you need to know about tube benders, how dies are measured, and how to select the right machine for your project or shop, even if it isn’t one of ours.

M600 Capacity Chart

Print this out or bookmark it. This is the master list of all capacities of our line of tubing benders. What will bend, and what it will take to get your model 600 metal tube bender to bend other materials. Great resource for chosing materials for projects, and chosing dies!

Bending School - Learn, Practice, Succeed

Time to learn how to bend tubing! We’re here to teach you all the details. Starting with BENDING 101, and moving upward through the lessons to your fabrication success.

Deformation Caulculator and Tips

Learn how bend quality is measured and calculated, and use our simple tool to find out how good your bends are. No math required! If you’re having bend quality issues, we’ll help you  understand and solve them.

Tube Design Calculators and Guides

We are developing a suite of tools and calculators to help you stay productive while you’re bending. These tools may not be as complete as tube design software, but they are very helpful, completely free to everyone, and they work on any tube bender/notcher.

Tube Calculator for Load/Stress and Tube Data

The BEST free tube stress calculator on the internet. Another good one to bookmark and share. Great for comparing and selecting materials for a project.

Recentered H1 Wheel Tech

Learn all about H1 wheels, why they are used, and how to make them work for you offroad. Also see accurate stress analysis on the most popular designs in production.

Drill Press Reduction Kit Tech

Unless you have a milling machine, you need one of these! Until we come up with a cheap home made DIY milling machine, this is the most affordable way to drill into steel with ease. Find out all you need to know.